Yesterday's Highlights

If you were at the conference yesterday, you would know that we actually started our questioning and reporting yesterday afternoon in the exhibition space. Our theme was 13 Again, where we asked our lovely delegates what creative advice they would give to their 13 year old selves, and quite a few of you had very interesting things to say. One of my favourites from the Lego stand was “Skateboard more”. As your reporters, we were more than diligent in getting interviews and feedback from various booths and delegates, however we also attracted some media attention from the local news and other avid bloggers. Overall, we managed to get a diverse and interesting response on all you ideas on creativity in learning all of which you can find in our Media tab. Make sure you “pop” down to our booth to add your thoughts and get involved. You can also contribute virtually by emailing with images, text, video or audio of any inspiring or creative things you find at the conference. At this point you will be an official member of our #popupschool . Happy learning!Click here to edit.
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