Meeting Sir Ken Robinson

Your correspondents, Joseph Horton and myself, Chenai Takundwa, headed down to the pre-conference dinner at the Skirvin. We had the amazing opportunity to meet and talk with none other than Sir Ken Robinson and discuss our #popupschool as well as the creative partnerships that were created in the process. He was really interested in the way that we have used the Internet and technology to create a virtual bridge between our two schools (Thomas Tallis School and Howe High School) and share our creative thoughts with one another.

After this conversation we went up on stage to talk about this to all those present and we received an emphatic response from the audience. I’m hoping that this will translate into lots of participation from the delegates because we have a whole lot of interesting activities for them to get involved in.

So if you, dear reader, are a delegate, look out for our black and white t-shirts because we are going to be out and about, interviewing, reporting, getting feedback and enrolling you in the impromptu classes of our #popupschool. Today’s crowdsourcing activities include “13 Again”, what creative advice would you give to your 13 year old self?

Think, Act, Share, Create