Delegates' tips for enhancing creativity

We asked delegates at the Creativity World Forum what advice they would like to offer to enhance the creativity of their fellow delegates. This is what they came up with. Eat more cheese people!

"look forward rather than looking back"

                       "make a list and write down all your ideas"

        "think about who the experts are and bring them all together"

 "turn off the tv phone Internet for 5 hours"

                                       "get in touch with your inner child"

                "strive to be worthy of the sacrifices that have been made for you"

                   "take time to think ideas though"

                                                                     "eat more cheese"

"if you has an idea write it down so you will remember it and you will be more likely to act on it"

                           "life still sucks, embrace it. Get over it"

       "interact with nature as much as possible"


                                                                 "music… films."
Think, Act, Share, Create