Pranav Mistry in 20 years time

Raihan and Chenai waylaid creative genius Pranav Mistry and asked him what he would like to be doing in 20 years time.

Pop Up School Interview

Joseph Horton from Howe High School talks to The Oklahoman about the importance of creativity in education. Joseph does a fantastic job of explaining how our collaboration works and what we have already learned from each other.

Creativity Feedback

We have been recording some of our interactions with delegates at the World Creativity Forum. Here are some of the responses to our creativity survey:

13 again

We decided to ask delegates what advice they would give to their 13 year old selves. This is what they said:

Shannon anticipates the conference presentation

Planning discussions

One of the Tallis Howe groups plans an activity for the delegates at CWF2010
Raihan and Sebastian discuss their understanding of a Pop Up School. September 2010.
Talking to Chenai about creativity.
Think, Act, Share, Create